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The highly complex nature of legislative texts often makes it seem as though decisions made by European institutions and national governments are unimportant. And yet, some 60% of decisions made by local and regional authorities are influenced by European institutions.

In some countries, formal consultation processes exist to help local and regional authorities and their associations during the drafting process. In other countries, no formal consultation is provided, leaving associations to act as any interest group and lobby the legislator.

At the European level, there exists a formal process of consultation of local and regional governments. A consultative body made up of local and regional elected representatives - the Committee of the Regions - has also been established. However, even with this framework in place, it remains essential to strengthen activities to influence legislation at its first stages of drafting.

As the most representative organisation of local and regional authorities, CEMR is gathering information and experience from its members to prepare a manual on successful lobbying at national and European level.

Focus group: Lobbying

Our focus group identifies the relevant elements and key success factors of lobbying, taking into consideration the different contexts at national and European level. Moreover, it collects information, experience and best practices to prepare a manual for CEMR member associations on effective lobbying.
Our objectives:
  • To assist CEMR members to lobby effectively at national and European level;
  • To improve CEMR’s lobbying at European level;
  • To achieve effective lobbying for local and regional government.

CEMR coordinator: Angelika Poth-Mögele

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