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Intergenerational dialogue


Demographic change means new needs, including specific policies and services. As providers of public services in the areas of education and training, health care, public transport and housing, local government is ideally placed to develop solutions to the needs and aspirations of both younger and older citizens in Europe.

The EU has adopted a series of recommendations and guiding principles for active ageing and solidarity between generations. These serve as a basis for cooperation between the different levels of governments and stakeholders in the Member States.

In this regard, CEMR gives municipalities and regions a platform to coordinate their voice and to influence the European decision-making process.

Thematic network on intergenerational dialogue

Our thematic network works to provide a platform for experts and elected representatives to meet, discuss and shape policies relating to demographic change and age-friendly environments. As a follow-up to the 2012 European Year on Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, we monitor European developments on the aforementioned policies as well as on youth integration and active ageing.
Our objectives:
  • To exchange best local practices with a focus on the role of local and regional authorities in the provision of age-adapted services;
  • To provide input on European proposals in these fields;
  • To work on relevant European projects* and to ensure that the local level is well-represented vis-à-vis European recommendations in the field of demographic change.
*Project: Thematic Network on Age-Friendly Environments (2014-2016)

Since January 2014, CEMR is involved in a project on age-friendly environments together with European partners - i.e., organisations working on the issue - as well as local and regional authorities and research centres.

This new platform is in charge of finding and sharing solutions to support active and healthy ageing through the development of age-friendly environments - in terms of transport, housing, employment, health services, among others - across the EU.

Furthermore, members of the platform aim to shape the EU agenda on active and healthy ageing and the policy debate on demographic change at EU level.

For further information you can have a look at  AFE-INNOVNET website.

CEMR coordinator: Nhu Tram

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